Saturday, April 03, 2010

Why You Shouldn't Let People Affect The Things You Wanna Do

seriously tho. if you let ppl affect the things u wanna do, ure nvr gonna be able to do it. some things in life, u just gotta do it.

from where i see it, in my life, if i saw it like "crap, if grow my hair long, and str8en it, everyone is gonna think i'm some sorta girl doing girly things". and if i did that i would never have had my long hair. but thankfully, i don't care what ppl think that much. so i did it. and i've no regrets in keeping my hair long. i had a gr8 time having it long.

another example, skateboarding. here, it's like only the kiwis are the ones u'll see skateboarding. and i can think "crap, i'm not a kiwi, so i shouldn't be skating. plus no other malaysian does it.. bla bla bla." but no. i can skate so why should i think like that. so i told myself do it. why take 15 mins to get to class when u can do it in 5 mins.

there's a saying:

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."


honeslty, if it's something that's not going to ruin ur life in any way. just do it. if your heart wants to do it, and it's not wrong. then do it. are you really gonna let what ppl think affect you so much that you end up just doing things to please other people.

so they might end up thinking ure weird, poser, trying to act cool etc. but as long as you know what reasons ure doing it for, then why should you worry what they think abt you.

u'll only worry if u know they're right. and if they're right, well then u've got a problem of being fake.

and speaking of being fake, sometimes, i feel like i'm going to burst at how some people can be so fake. in front of you, they'll talk nicely, and behind your back, hah, u know la.

the best part is, these ppl are the ones who are the most affected by what others say. they must be on the nice list of everyone. and they end up being fake. it's so annoying! cuz they say stuff to please others. and have no backbone. the moment someone says smth different. they change their view. ugh. their main goal is to get ppl to like them. and the way they do this is by being fake.

as for me, i really can't stand it. just be real la. if ppl don't like it. then change! i mean, ppl are not going to hate smth good. so if they hate you, then there's smth bad abt you. and there's nth wrong with changing smth bad.

k my rant seems random as. but it's basically coming from the fact that ppl who are affected so much by what ppl think that they end up being fake and "got no balls" to stand up for what they believe in.

come on! man up!

I don't care what you think, as long as it's about me

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Smith said...

yeah ill man up n say it

i love you ben :) dont change, unless its bad