Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh For Crying Out Loud

first of all, no offence to all the women out there, but...


it just sickens me to see some guys who treat girls like they're so fragile and can't stand for themselves.

it's so annoying as well the way they treat girls like they're the utmost priority in their life.

u know, it makes sense if they're actually trying to go after the girl and make her their gf. like really, i get that.

but COME ON. if you have a gf and the girl has a bf, honestly what the hell are you doing.

it's annoying how the guy will be willing to cancel plans with a guy in a snap, but when it comes to girls, they're like "oh cannot la."

and they're like extra nice to girls. asking "are you ok?" "how you feeling?"

it's just a girl! they're def NOT gonna die if you're not always there for them. esp when they don't need you to be like that.

i'm pretty sure girls are tough enough.


ugh. i dunno what to say la. just UGH.

i guess i'm really bugged how someone can be so rough and tough and then being all nice and sweet to girls. JUST GIRLS.

why la why? who u trying to impress for? girls are just human beings ok.

i guess i'm also bugged cuz these ppl do it for ALL the girls.

GAH. if u get what i mean then ya la. SO IRRITATING.

she's not yours, she's not gonna be yours and u already have yours. enough with the sucking up and trying to be impressive.


k my rant is done.

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Bernard "xiaoqiu" said...

agree aye! it's good to be nice to girls but not going overboard... just like the examples u gave! Being gentleman is important though :)

apong said...

wow~ben!i like it!

xinyee said...

haha when i saw "2 comments" i knew they must be from bern and feng feng. good one ben =)