Monday, April 12, 2010

Because I Can't Just Let Go, But I Know I Shouldn't Go On

so what do i do?

i can't just drop it and pretend like nothing happened. i don't want it to be like that with them. i'm not that guy.

but what if i'm not even sure what i want? i don't want to just let go.

it's like i think i want, but i know i don't? but i don't want to just let go.

or more like, i've already gone too far to just let it go like that?


it feels like with every step i take, i'm digging my grave deeper and deeper.

yet i know i should stop, but i dont. and like wont.

it's like i can sit there saying, don't msg/text/call, but i will still do it.

ugh. come on. i'm like stuck in the middle of nowhere. and i have to make a choice. and it seems like i don't want to go either way.

but i have to go somewhere.

and at least they're trying.


they shud just name me a master of getting myself into trouble.

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