Thursday, January 14, 2010

That Night 2 Years + Ago

i dunno why i sudd thought abt it.

that night was awesome.

i would say life changing in a way.

from doing new stuff i should be doing to meeting people i will never forget.

secrets made that only that section of the club would know about. it's a good thing they probably don't remember. ;P

and another secret whom only one other person i believe knows. and she wasn't even there. interesting how ppl can learn abt others through the internet.

tho of course the morning afternoon after i freaked out abt the taste that was in my mouth, i got used to it. and everything was fine.

then i got in contact with ppl by ways i said i'll never do. for reasons, well the reasons made sense.

ah. how i miss that night. what a gr8 night.

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Anonymous said...

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