Monday, January 25, 2010

I Followed The Rope Tied To My Ankle. It Led Back To You

i don't get it.

i mean, if you don't want something, you don't do anything to get it right?

it's like, trying to buy Windows 7 and trying to install it on some '03 comp. it's never gonna work.

it's just not compatible that way.

well to me, it just seems like it won't work. why are you so convinced that somehow it can?

the compatibility just doesn't look like it'll work.

i don't know if i can be happy.

and then there's that classic line: "it's not you, it's me"

well doesn't it fit?

i mean, i can't deal with whatever has happened. why do you seem to insist that i will be able to? even i dunno myself that well. whether i'll be able to.

so seriously, it's not you, it's me.

i'm not perfect that way.

but it always makes me wonder as well, what if we were in each others shoes? i guess i know i'd prob be feeling that way the way u do. so i guess i do understand how it is for you. but do you know how it would be for me?

but then again, diff personalities and priorities. maybe some feelings will be more important than others. maybe certain aspects in life are not placed with the appropriate reverence. so the state i'm in may not be understood.

i know i'm not ur everyday type of guy. i'm a weirdo. with weird ways of living my life. i don't fit in with how the world is today. i'm too old fashioned. there's so many things that'll make u suffer if you want this.

so maybe you should decide what is it that you want.

i'm done.

today was a tiring day.

The Offspring - Can't Get My Head (Around You). Kinda had appropriate lyrics.

Currently Listening To: Meet Me On The Equinox - Death Cab For Cutie


kim said...

if you're a weirdo..what am i? hahaa, and when you mentioned old-fashioned..all that came to my mind was you using discman..haha! which brings me to...if you're old-fashioned, what am i? i don't even have a discman! i listen to music from the alarm clock radio in my mum's room. :D

Ben J said...

lol kim. thx! you're awesome u know la kan? :)