Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Iz Depressedz

i suck la.

maybe cuz i damn bodoh.

i think i also placed hope on the stupid 3 things. like i thought i could get it. i mean, that's why i din tell right in the first place, cuz i knew i couldn't get it. so why did i place hope?

maybe cuz of hope of what might happen?

haih. hope too much la u. patutla bodoh. ish.

i hate being here. i hate having these thoughts. emo. it's like i tried so hard for nothing. trying to put aside all that happen tho i didn't have to and i should be mad and angry. but for nothing i guess.

so i guess maybe i'll just have to wake up every morning regretting the past. wishing i could take it all back.

i feel so used and useless. like i wasn't ever worth it. it was always just talk.

why do i believe words that never seem to carry out? am that stupid? am i just easy manipulated to give ppl stuff that want? and get used?


i wanna be happy. and i want someone who really wants to make me happy.

I only want what i can't have

From Now We Are Enemies
Fall Out Boy

Drop a heart, break a name
We're always sleeping in, and sleeping for the wrong team

Sugar We're Going Down
Fall Out Boy

Currently Listening To: From Now On We Are Enemies - Fall Out Boy


DANA! said...

*likes* this post

Smith said...

i wanna make you happy