Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Apparently My Posts Ain't Cryptic Enough

Here's what it feels like; We're both walking down this road in the jungle. And then we take a stop, cause i'm not sure if i wanna go on. So, we stop and make camp. The problem now i see, is when do we stop camping there and move on? it's like a stick in the mud. not moving anywhere.

k that failed. it's damn obvious. whatever. at least you know how i'm feeling.

i wish i knew you. i wish i don't have to have this feeling like you're hiding something. it makes it so hard to trust.

bzzzz. 3 things.but if only i can get over ending up like everyone else. basically, a noone. that freaking notch. i guess in some way this falls under the 3 things? hmmm.

why can't i tell you this in person??

maybe i'm afraid to see your reaction. like it won't be what i hope for.

hmm i'm quite a coward.

anyway, i dunno why i feel happy. i can't remember now. i think the FB ppl are making me happy.

OH YEAH. now i remember.

i'm going on to the next year. :)

i feel so relieved. :)

i'm making sure i never fucking fail again.

things have to change. can i do it?

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