Thursday, January 07, 2010

Just Some Pictures. To Attempt To Brighten Up The Mood. But Didn't Work

photos! enjoy!

^ kaikoura. ppl seem to like this a lot.

^ queenstown. summer.

^ queenstown. winter.

^ wheee. fun times! :D

^ proof that yumey is made out of awesomeness. :)

^ bomb the lamb. :D

^ new comp. the neatness that comes with this thing is awesome. and yes the thing around the monitor is the speakers. "surround" sound. lol.

lol k that's it.

now back to the usual emoing. :)

i need more reason to believe, not think.

k that's all i got for tonight. :)

Currently Listening To: Do Better - Say Anything


allyz said...

which dell model is that??
how much was it??
man,it looks so pretty!!

Ben J said...

it's the Dell Studio One 19. it's abt 3.5k. of course i kinda upgraded the specs a bit la. haha.