Wednesday, September 16, 2009


k ignore the title. but this is funny for those of you who watch CSI: Miami


on a more emo note, test today sucked so bad. i dunno why i panicked for. so i din have enough time to do. what crap. plus 211 design task this time sounds like a lot of work. crap.

on a happy note! my Lab Report got amazingly high! i dunno how also. i mean when doing the discussion, i simply wrote and it wasn't like so much explanation also compared to other ppl. and i din even do the error propogation. plus the song 10,000 Nights is getting really addictive. i can't wait for the ball on Sat. it feels like it's gonna be fun. So seriously, YOU GUYS SHOULD GO FOR THE UCSSS BALL. :)

i feel happy now. cuz i managed to finish online quiz, finish test, finish memorizing chords, finished learning the solos. i feel like i accomplished a lot but it's not really a lot. haha. now the Cyber Games poster is sorta half done too. i hope there's enough ppl this time tho.

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