Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Think I May Have Overpacked Myself

somehow maybe i've got too many things going on at once.

in CMSA committee. Refuel band. UCSSS band. sunday church service band.

on top of that there's homeworks and assignments to do.

this week will be pretty bad. UCSSS band have to memorise all their song chords and stuff for the ball this sat. and practice is whole of friday. and sat.

on top of that. there's a 224 test on wednesday worth 20% of final grade. and a 227 quiz on friday. not to mention onine homeworks for 227 on sunday, monday and thursday.

Design task 3 is out on wednesday as well.

gotta plan for the next Cyber Games too for the sat after the ball. hopefully can go talk to the place ppl tmrw and see how it goes.

i think i may have overpacked myself with stuff.

and with my self set standard and pride, things probably get worse as i expect myself to do extremely well.


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