Monday, September 28, 2009

Well Now You Know I Wasn't Joking

it's kinda funny. for me atleast.

you took what i said, and made it a joke. why? cuz it seemed to good to be true. cuz i was just being arrogant and talking big.

to sum it up, you looked down on me cuz it seemed like i was only talking big.

and now when the time came, i showed you i wasn't all talk. now you're irritated. maybe ashamed too.

and i feel awesome. :) cuz it's fun proving you wrong. actually no. it's fun proving me right. :) actually, it's fun both ways la. haha.

i already have many reasons not to like you. but i'm better than that. :)

Currently Listening To: The Webs We Weave - Escape The Fate

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