Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bitch Time

k the whole lucky draw issue is what i wanna talk abt. sry for those who won't understand. and honestly, the whole discussion deviated greatly from the original point. it's quite amazing actually. anyway..

k first of all i wanna start out saying the fact that she commented AFTER everything is done is really irritating. and out of this whole issue, this is the one thing that pissed me off. why? cuz it relates to Cyber Games.

k for those who don't know what happened, the ori CG was supposed to be DotA (cuz a lot of ppl said they wanted to play that). then sudd those a lot of ppl disappeared. and then in the midst of that, when some ppl heard that we couldn't get enough ppl for the CG, they said that "oh if it was CS we sure will join la". so fine, we changed it to CS, and guess what?? NOONE SAID THEY WANNA JOIN NOW. noone replied the emails or the texts. (k only one person did. but what happen to all those ppl who talked so much saying they sure join?). i mean seriously, no way ALL can be busy right? so yeah, it's easy for ppl to talk after the thing is organised and comment on things saying oh it should have been done like this. when we change to cater to you, sudd no response. what crap?

so yeah. this is why this issue bugs me la. i mean it's so easy to sit and comment. but when ppl put you up to the challenge, you don't wanna take. reason? i'd rather be an observer? what stupid rubbish is that. then like this u'll just sit and forever try to find faults and complain la. it's way easier to do that anyway rather than try to change the problem. that's the problem with most ppl also. like in our country i'm sure there's a lot of ppl who can sit there and complain and complain and complain abt the country. but who is actually doing something to change it?? i mean seriously, sitting back with a stupid excuse "i'd rather be an observer" ISN'T gonna change ANYTHING. if you wanna talk, better be ready to freaking walk ok.

If you talk you better walk you better back your shit up

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Panic! At The Disco

then the next part, thinkin you wont cause and hurt or disappointment in the organisers? really? with all the arguing ure doing based on ur BIG EGO and ur failure to just let this thing go? and forget about it? after all, by saying and constantly arguing it also gives the impression that you think we are being inconsiderate and insensitive to let the dance go on? this could lead to a whole point altogether. i mean really, how much do we have to give in to your views? it's not YOUR night. it's for everyone. back to not meaning to hurt anyone. let's put it like this la k. what if someone comes up to you and says "daymn ure ugly" they meant no intention of hurting you. just telling the truth. now what? i believe everyone would know how hurt u'd feel right?

and how much do you follow your words? saying that the women shouldn't dance and sing in front of guys means that you SHOULD NOT support any women who do right? so there goes all the women singers in Malaysia who are muslims la. i mean, you shouldn't listen to them right, unless ure a hypocrite. so what now, listen to guys? what if the guys turn the girls on? so then no listening to guys as well? so no music from any muslims right? can you follow what you're preaching?

and then you complained and said 'whoa don't get all emotional when writing the comments'. like hello, as if you weren't all emotional in your first few comments. what with the excess of question marks and exclamation marks. classic example of pot calling the kettle black la.

and honestly, the way you talk clearly and the things you said was saying that whoever disagrees with you is wrong. yet you still can say you are not acting like that? you clearly have the "holier than thou" complex. your ego will prevent you from seeing it.

funny thing is, you said that it's okay if you lose friends for fighting for the whole issue. you assume you can survive alone. 500 bucks says you cant. so stop trying to act so tough.

honeslty, i've known you for 4 years now. i know you're the type of person who like to comment on ppl. you always sit back and comment on the things they do wrong or if whatever they do doesn't agree with you. when oh when will you ever try and make the change? sitting back and talking is damn easy ok. and stupid fool can do it.

pssshh. k i think i'm done la. k no that's a lie. that's actually more stuff that i can talk about. but considering, it's 3am, i can't form proper sentences to explain myself (like in this whole post), and i can't remember what else, i'm just gonna leave it here.

feels good to lepaskan. now it won't be on my mind.

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weiwen said...

You guys had plans for a new cg? Didn't hear about it. still at that expensive cafe?

Ben J said...

...... well if you joined the CMSA club you would know la. haha. and yeah was going to have it there. no choice. the other place said cannot