Tuesday, September 08, 2009

How Objective Can You Be?

when you act or feel something, can you be objective?

for example. you don't like something someone does, but then realise that you are the one doing it or have done it b4.

do you continue to get irritated by what the person did? or realise ure not any better and you shouldn't be complaining or you deserve it? do you still think that you have reasons for doing what you did while the other person has no excuse?

why do you get immunity?

it's ok to feel guilt or shame knowing what you don't like was what you have done/are doing.

it's NOT okay for you to be angry or upset.


no idea why i used you here. it feels like i'm refering to somebody. funnily enough, i'm not. i guess i'm refering to you reader. so yeah. you.

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