Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Refuse To React On Knowing Through FB

i honestly don't like doing things on FB based on what other are talking about for everyone on FB.

what the hell am i talking abt?

it's basically like this, if it's someone i'm hardly close to, just cuz i'm notified by the facebook events section that it's their bday or even if i see someone wishing them, does not mean i'll wish them.

i mean, i feel it's really insincere don't you think? the only reason i would be wishing is cuz someone told me, not that i actually care about the person or that the person actually did tell me before. not cuz i just found out based on someone wishing that person.

cuz seriously, if there wasn't FB, then i wouldn't know abt the person's bday. and if i din know, i clearly don't know that person that well and i haven't taken the effort to find out.

so yeah. and it's basically not bdays only. like anything happening in the other person's life. if i find out they're leaving for some other country through their chat with someone else, i see no reason to wish them bye if i'm not close to them. i mean, first they did not tell me personally, so we both acknowledge that we're not close to each other. and 2ndly, saying bye and i'll miss you when i don't mean it is just pure dumb.

pssshhh once again jumbled unorganised thoughts. but yeah if you get me, you're awesome. and the only time i reach to what ppl have been talking abt, is only when i care about them enough that i feel i should know about them. other than that, i refuse to react based on finding out something thru ppls chats. just because it's insincere.

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glo said...

i get u BenJ :)