Sunday, August 23, 2009


so which do i choose?

to just leave i feel would raise a ton of questions.

and the party that would have caused it, would think it's cuz of the other party.

and the other party would definitely think it's cuz of them when it's not.

things just change. they don't fit anymore. with one. the other, well, i thought i would have eventually, but it doesn't seem so.

and it feels like i can't leave more because i would feel bad if i leave cuz i know i'm needed. and no i'm not being perasan.

and heck, i don't know if i should. maybe i'm concentrating on the things that don't matter when it comes to that. my focus should be elsewhere. but i still don't think i can/want to focus for now.

what to do? =/

Currently Listening To: Love Is Waiting - Brooke Fraser


kim said...

follow your heart and gut feeling :D

Ben J said...

lol kim, you have no idea what's this abt

kim said...

of coz no idea laa...most of your post i have no idea what they are abt! hahahahaha!