Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Know It's Not Wrong, But It's Just Weird

k to me right, when somebody does an accent/slang that is not originally theirs, it's like super weird. it just feels out of place and very noticable a.k.a weird.

example? when a Malay/Indian person starts speaking with a Chinese slang (the lor, meh, etc). or when a Malay/Chinese person speaks with an Indian accent(?). or even when a Chinese/Indian person speaks with a Malay slang.

it's just weird! am i the only one who notices it? i dunno la. maybe sometimes it's the person who says it la. actually ya i think it's the person who says it. cuz i realize some ppl, when they speak malay it's really weird. like it's real funny. well, that's what i noticed from my sis la. she just speaks it in such a mat salleh way. and it's hillarious. but some ppl can do it just fine. like Bernard. i don't think i've felt weird whenever he spoke it.

but yeah, when an Indian guy starts using "lor", it's just so weird la. and when other ppl tend to use the Indian accent, it turns out funny, which i guess was the main point of them mimicking it which does make it insulting la but i don't wanna be a bitch and be over sensitive (though maybe i'm not being that) and whine and say you shouldn't but yeah. it's just weird la.

i think cuz maybe sometimes ppl try to hard to put on the accent that it sounds so fake and that's why it's weird.

ah whatever la. u get what i mean.


on another note, it's super hard to NOT be pissed off at some idayots who simply cari pasal with you because your friend doesn't want you to get into a fight or for things to get worse.

what a dick la. seriously.

but i guess i probably asked for it with what i said. aih wtv la.

don't wanna let it affect me.

but yea i'm pissed.

and omg nice guy, my friend, pretty good friend too, is now pretty good friends with bitch? what? seriously? come onnnnn. what are the oddss?? stupid la.

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kim said...

i saw the word idayot! HAHA!

and and and..sometimes when i speak there's an indian accent. so how? but it's not on purpose..i don't even realise it till someone points it out. if i remember correctly, you and bernard once laughed at me coz i was speaking and suddenly there was the indian accent..hahahaha!