Thursday, August 20, 2009

My My How Things Have Changed

seriously, other than the obvious, i've like totally become the opposite of who i was.

i used to be pretty outdoor-ish (cuz of BB i guess). going for camps, hiking, jungle trekking and all the other things that go with it.

and now, if i had a choice, i wouldn't go for any of these things.

i used to cycle everywhere. i've even cycled to One Utama from approximately Taman Paramount LRT station.

and now, ppl wonder if i can even ride a bike. (even i'm starting to wonder if i still can)

i used to know ALL the cars on the road. the brand and model.

and now, i just don't care. all i know is a tiny bit of fancy cars.

i used to know who wears what number of ALL the MU players.

and now, i don't even know who's still playing for MU.

i used to collect Nokia cards.

and now, i don't even try anymore.

i used to only play Need For Speed as my main game.

and now, well, it looks like the list of games won't end.

funny how i'm nothing like i used to be and i don't even look like i would have been able to do such things.

the only thing constant was my love for music that just grew and grew.

from the sorta outdoorish guy, i've become the gamer-skater-rocker guy.

i find myself pretty interesting. :)

Currently Listening To: Monsters - Matchbook Romance


km said...

welcome to christchurch.. where everyone changes their lifestyle =)

kim said...

What are Nokia cards? Haha, I really don't know k..don't laugh at me.

And and and I'm a bit like you too. I only have teeny bits of changes in habits and likings, other than that I'm still abt the same. Example, I still hate cicaks and I still get excited over cockroaches..MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ben J said...

km: that reminds me that i should add i have a black belt in taekwando. but nothing from how i look would indicate it. haha.

kim: no la. it's ok. i bet 9/10 ppl dunno what nokia cards is anyway. anyway, they are these cards which are like brochures for the phone models. that's all.

and haha i seriosuly don't think those things will ever change la. i think i somehow evolved into a slob without looking the part. haha :P