Sunday, September 26, 2010

You Choose Who You Fall In Love With?

honestly, that's what i think it is.

it's like you go, "hmm k that person."

and seriously, if u really tried ur hardest, and the person did as well, i think you may just fall in love.

i'm not sure la. it just feels like it.

guys will choose the pretty girls, and the girls will choose the good looking guys. and work from there.

so technically, you could fall in love with anyone! all you had to do is try.

but the question is, is that the wrong way? like is it wrong?

it feels lame and retarded in some way. but what other way is there?

i for one, def don't believe in love at first sight. so that explains a lot of this post i guess.

maybe you fall in love for the one who cares for you a lot? and the other person cares for you cuz they're in love with you.

but, i've got quite a few friends whom i truly love and care about, but, i'm not in love with them. and i know they care for me, but def not in love with me in anyway either. so maybe not that theory?

it feels like i'm prob gonna end up one day saying to some girl, "hey, i find you attractive, and i'd like to see if i could fall in love with you, wanna go out??"


actually. i kinda don't know what i'm trying to say or talk abt also. ramblings.

i guess it's like, how do you know who you like? it feels like, if u tell urself, k u shdu go try for this girl, then that's the one u like. like u could say anyone, and that will be the girl.

maybe the one whom u'll end up loving is the person who have a chance with?

but what if you have a lot of chances with a lot of ppl?

if it's based on chances, then i would def have no prob. since i'm living my life convinced i have no chance with anyone. sometimes it feels like, i'll go for the girl who shows me i have half a chance with her.

but then i don't want it to be like "eh half a chance! quickly grab it!" cuz that's like damn despo. i'm pretty sure i wanna fall for a girl not for the reason that i just want someone, but for the reason, i really want this specific girl who can be everything i need.

yeah. i guess i won't fall for the first girl that comes along, but i would if she's really someone i can be with.

but seems like i'd work and try and try to fall in love with any girl now. lol. yes i've been single-ish for too long.

but nah. as long as i'm thinking like that, i don't think i'll let myself fall for anyone yet.

but then again, if i can realise this abt me, maybe i'm ready?

gr8. good job ben. confuse urself even more.

not bad. i can talk a lot of rubbish. if u read the whole thing. i'm amused. cuz u pretty much just read exactly all the thoughts that went thru my mind. this clearly had no preplanning when i wrote it. it's like think --> type. which is exactly why it doesn't make sense. and like i'm debating with myself.

hhaha. k i'm done talking nonsense. bye. :)

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denise said...

hahahaha a VERY amusing post.
yes i did actually read all of it :)

i think that it IS possible to make yourself grow in love with someone, that's why people go on dates and stuff. but there has to be a certain amount of attraction first? and if it looks like it's just wayyy too much work to love that person... i honestly don't think it'll work out.

that said... support fully your looking into the market *wink wink* haha

Ben J said...

lol. denise?? as in denise ong?? tot my blog was too emo for u?? hahahah. and cekap u read the whole thing. now u know how messy my mind is. hahaha.

and yeah. i guess u can learn to love someone. but one thing that always makes me curious is, how do we know who is "the one"? like is the person "the one" cuz we chose them to be? or cud it be that girl (guy in ur case) u decided not to take a chance with? and also takkan u wanna go and try with every girl/guy right?

ah love & life. so confusing. hahahaha.

and thx for the support. but i can look into the market, but there's noone looking back. haha. which is kinda why i don't try at all la. lol.

Smith said...

:) i enjoyed the post!

i could follow cuz i was thinkin bout the same thing over the last week.

theres this girl that i think about more than like normal frends.

so i was like oh mayb i like her.

but then i wasnt sure, i was thinkin do i really like her, or is it just cuz im getin bored of being singly/not flirtin with anyone?

but cuz im not sure i dont wanna do anythin cuz i dont wanna start somethin then realize i actually am not interested, then run off and leave her hanging.

So im just chillin n bidding my time and i start thinkin of another girl too.

So, now theres 2 girls that i think about sometimes, but i dont know if i actually like either.

and im like since there are 2, it cant b that i actually like them, so must be cuz im bored.

so for now im just chillin alone.

but then, part of me is like get to know them better then u can figure out if u like them.

So, for now im goin to try and hang with them more, then hopefully ill figure out if i actually like them