Friday, September 03, 2010

So Apparently I'm Kinda Mean

so here's the thing, i got this friend organising this thing. and in the thing, there's like this entertainment part, which a member in her thing is organising. and, this person, let's name her A.

So A, thinks she knows it all, wants to do everything her way and won't listen to other ppls suggestions. not even her superiors a.k.a my friend.

so my plan, which i mentioned to ppl when we were talking about this issue is this: when A's entertainment thing is done on the event day, i would casually walk behind her, while (acting like i'm) talking to my friend and say "Yeah, this thing is pretty awesome, cept for that entertainment bit which was crap." loud enough so she can hear it.

and surprisingly, a lot of ppl were shocked at how mean i am/could be, which btw, i def don't think i'm being mean at all. which is kinda weird. i mean, hey, this girl is being a bitch thinkin she's right and not listening to my friend who is actually the leader of the whole thing. so yeah, why should i be nice to someone who's being a bitch to my friend? and yeah, i do think being "mean" to her is justifiable.

hey, she's my friend, i'd def have her back if ppl mess with her. and yes, that includes being mean to those who mess with her.

i'm not mean. i've just got my friend's back.


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