Monday, February 15, 2010

Work Is Fun

anyday la i'd rather be working than studying.

k so for those of you who don't already know, for the past 3 weeks, i've been working at Rock Corner at MidV.

and i tell you, it was a pretty awesome experience. the ppl working there are like soooo knowledgable abt music stuff man.

plus, they know like most of the stuff in the store. it's like u could walk in, say a artist name, and they remember if the store has it or not. that i found cool considering there were tons of cds in the shop. plus if ppl ask them to recommend stuff, music la, they could do it. these ppl seriously know TONS abt music yo.

plus they're like friendly and all. i really felt like it was gr8 working there. i mean, despite the working hours and stuff, which like made it quite tiring, it was fun. it was actually fun to come to work. we can laugh, chill, and share knowledge. yeah i learnt stuff abt music and other stuff there.

so what did i do in my job? basically, i was a sales assistant. i worked upstairs in the movies section. which was pretty cool. i managed to remember all the english movies we had. anyway, so when ppl come upstairs, i ask them whether they need help finding anything, and if they do, i try to help them.

of course, i have to keep an eye on them also la. so they don't steal anything or what not. which makes it REALLY pissing off when u have ppl, who have nowhere else in the malls to go so they come and waste time there. cuz i have to walk around and "jaga" them.

yeah i guess i'm picky as to who i serve. trust me, once u start working as a sales assistant, u feel good managing to help a customer get what they came in looking for. so these time wasters piss me off.

but other than weird ppl and annoying ppl, my job is pretty sweet. :) when there's noone around, or actually, whenever, i get to choose from whatever movie they have there, and watch! :) so i just sit and watch movie most of the time. haha. plus i get to text text text text. hahaha.

honestly, the last i checked, i sent abt 100++ msges a day to my sms buddy Yumey. who kept me entertained throughout my work period. i tell you, if it wasn't for her, i'd die of boredom. so ya, thx Yumey! for listening to me talk crap, whine abt hot chicks, and being hungry and complain abt the weird ppl and all. i know u had fun reading my msges. so prob u shud thank me! haha! :P

anyway, upstairs was the Axcess ticket counter guy. whom pretty much was there most of the time for me to chat to. and wah we talked a lot wei. he has a lot to say and i don't mind listening cuz it's interesting stuff. learnt a lot also from him. another fun guy also.

SO YA! working at Rock Corner MidV was FUN! tiring no doubt at all. but FUN. and considering i really had nth to do at home, and i could still get my shopping done, it turned out to be a pretty awesome deal working there.

such an amazing experience. :) there's so much to it la. oh did i mention Ean from came to the shop also? pretty cool seeing a "celeb" just walk in and he knows my boss and all. my boss also is cool la. also, i love the way after some perasan case customer goes out of the store, we'll just sit and laugh at the fella. trying to act big. so ya, don't go in and try to act big, we'll laugh at you. :)

k i've been talking too much. it's nice to have a happy post after a while. just gotta dump all my emoness somewhere and not think of it! :)

oh oh. and thx to all the ppl who came to visit while i was working there. u made my life less boring. :D thx!

and after only sleeping for 4 hours last night, i think i should sleep now. :)


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