Thursday, February 04, 2010

It Was A Bad Day That Turned Out Good

started out bad. emoing the whole morning. thinkin abt how could this person do such a thing. then expect me to act such a way. and what does everything that's happening mean.

then thankfully, i had Yumey to cheer me up and not think about it. thx Yumey. :) even though she doesn't know my story, she still boleh help. that's why she's awesome. :)

then at night met up with schoolmates. that also was an awesome to catch up with everyone and see everyone. it's pretty cool how i can totally see all of them being really succesful in the things they are doing. these ppl really know their stuff well. i know that they will be able to do it. and Keane also gave me a lot of good advice. it's really comforting and reassuring knowing there's a friend who understands my emo situation. and can give good advice which i can follow. thx a lot Keane. what you said makes sense and really helped. i shall try my best to follow your advice.

turned out good in the end. i'm happy. even if you make me sad. today i ended up happy. :)

and here's smth i thought of on the way.

"Having your boyfriend/girlfriend/person you like tell you: "oh i wanted you to know that this person *insertnamehere* asked me out/hinted me to ask them out/was hitting on me, but i told them no. Cuz i have you. :)" is definitely one of the most reassuring feelings you can ever get.

and it makes you feel like you're actually worth smth. :)

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