Monday, February 22, 2010

NZ feels like medication

things are good.

if not gr8.

well, things seem to be going well.

room is cool. i love it actually. bigger and seems like got more space. flatmates don't seem too tidy tho. but yeah.

comp is awesome.

friends are cool.

events are happening already. 3 things on friday! jam packed. :D

ppl seem to love my smile. it makes ppl's day apparently :) and i love smiling too. so it works out gr8. :)

plus i realise, being polite and nice = all good for me. :)

i'm motivated to wanna study hard this year. i guess failing took a huge blow last year. i dont' wanna repeat the same mistakes. i can't. i won't let myself. i have to be disciplined.

i'm in a good great mood currently. i hope it stays this way. :)


Currently Listening To: In the Sun - Joseph Arthur

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