Sunday, October 04, 2009

What I Learnt

still kinda emotionless now. but i'm gonna bring smth back from this. so here goes.

need to be done early and properly. assuming things will work out, is not gonna work. should have run it exactly like how it was supposed to be done on the day itself. so i know what to expect.

secret stuff.
i really don't like it. cuz it's hard to plan for something i know nothing about. in the process of running the thing, panic sets in and everything is done wrong. make sure there's no such thing next time.

familiarise with equipment.
getting the cable from their tech crew 5-10 mins b4 VIP walks in sucks. plus not knowing the laptop sucks too. projector and laptop stuff has always sucked since i don't know when. but there's always a problem. which i was hoping to avoid.

the nagging.
10 ppl coming to tell you the same, which you can't do anything about gets fucking irritating when you're already stressed. i need patience for this.

performing and working.
i realise, having ppl from protocols and tech crew in performances, just cannot go. cuz these two teams are the busiest on the night itself, getting them to do stuff that takes them away from the things that their supposed to do, may end in disaster. esp with trying not to get too many ppl in ur team so the subsidising can be reduced adds to it kinda. like when mamat was performing, there was noone to do lights. and when i was acting, noone to do comp properly. i just believe it wont work well if ppl in the protocol and tech have to perform. now i know.

sound was a problem. if the volume was turned up, the front would be too blaring, but the back would hear. and if it was not blaring for front, then the back wouldn't hear. the ppl talking had different pitches too, so if we turned them up too high, it would sound bad. but if we don't, it would be too soft. no idea how to fix it.

the screen.
the screen was turned halfway, i don't even know why. and cuz of that, i couldn't see from where i was sitting. which is quite irritating.

last minute things.
wah. this one i dunno how. cuz things were planned already, telling last minute was quite a kacau to change and add things in. esp since we din have time to test stuff.

i think it's really irritating how we have to go and ask the guy to on the main lights all the time and we're not allowed to do it ourself. and when the guy cant be found, crap. have to wait so long to on.

previous disappointments.
i think cuz of the whole cyber games thing, i totally had no mood at all. i guess i worried too much abt that i somehow din feel like caring about a lot of stuff anymore. plus the other stuff with the other ppl also left me irritated and disappointed and so moodless with the whole thing. but it was wrong of me to take it out and be so uncaring about this. it's not fair to YL. wish i saw this earlier. i think i would have tried harder.

hmmm think thats all i got for now. i clearly should have done better. i'm totally grateful to my team whom i think did an awesome job, considering we only got everything a few minutes before everything started. it was very very very very last minute. still trying to figure out how it could have been improved. i think mamat did a really good job with lighting, esp with the sketch cuz he hasnt actually practised with us. and everything was done on the spot with the script. so that was awesome la.

honestly, i dunno if i'm ready to talk to ppl abt this. it's like, those i need time on my own sorta thing. but i guess it's fine la cuz i just need to blog abt it and it's off my chest in a way. i think the protocols team did a good job. Xin Yee really did a gr8 job organising everything and getting ppl organised. deco team was gr8 too. they really worked hard and it paid off. the food was amazing too. tho i din really get to enjoy it fully. but what i had was gr8.

what else went wrong? i'ld like to know actually. and how i could fix it. it'd be great to learn.

do i set the standards of quality for myself too high? i think not? i guess i don't want to satisfied with being mediocre. but then would i be able to handle the amount of disappointed i serve myself?

one good thing about this year is i'm learning a lot, like really a lot abt organising and being in charge of something. what sucks is that i wish i learnt is earlier like in school or smth. so when it comes to more high class events like the ones in uni, i'd actually know what i'm doing.

hmmmmm. learn learn learn.

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Bernard "xiaoqiu" said... is not too late to learn... And look at the bigger picture.. most of the people enjoyed themselves.. so all good.. improve on whatever weaknesses in the future..thats how we learn

glo said...

hey sorry i kept texting you about the sound and background etc. i figured out the sound memang got problem after a while and nothing much could be done. hope i didn't text you too much then and stress you up...

but overall i really think you guys did a great job! considering that it's now uni time and there's uni work and all; and last minute only got access to the tech crew things..

ya the lights were a problem. i saw some guy not from the team doing it and guessed that he was in charge. didn't realise that you guys were allowed to operate it at all... gah.. that must have been pretty annoying..

i think that's a good post-mortem there btw ;)

ps: never to late to learn Ben :)

Ben J said...

thx bernard.

and no la glo. it wasnt you who texted too much la. there was just this one point last night where a lot of ppl came to tell me the same thing, which i was trying to fix/couldn't do anything about which kinda bugged me la. ur text actually helped. it got me to change the background. so thx. :)

and thx so much again glo for playing music for the slides at that time. really thankful for that. that mistake was the one that bugged me also la. so really thx so much for playing. REALLY appreciate it. sorry that you had to play and couldn't enjoy the slides. :(

glo said...

whew. hehe. glad i didn't stress u up :P

anyway did u manage to fix that problem in the end?

and.. the slides thing. wahaha.. think of it as a good opportunity for me to 'show off' ;) ngek ngek ngek. my first time playing a grand piano in front of a big audience wei. wahaha. din even care if i played wrong dy. hehehehehe :p grand piano wei. hahaha. i wil never get this chance :P

ok. getting a bit high there.

i'll get the slides off shirley. haha. wanna save it in my computer anyway!! :D

km said...

haiya.. it's a learning process man. we are engineers-to-be, not event managers =)

don't worry man, you guys did great.

adversity does not only build character, but most importantly, it reveals character. throughout the night, everyone can see how committee operated - as a family. a telepathic connection which made everything imperfect perfect =)

that's what cmsa is about anyway =)