Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Body Clock Is Just Totally Whack

today i woke up at almost 4 again. for the 2nd str8 day in a row. this is bad. i'm supposed to study. and cuz i woke up late today, i din couldn't go for futsal to make up time to study. don't think i'll be able to go for volleyball tmrw either. haih.

anyway, just felt like putting a random post. with some pics. cuz i haven't done that in a while. plus i'm gonna sleep after this. so what a better way to end the day than with a blog post. :)

Presents from back home! thank youuuu :) and this is why i don't buy clothes much. :P oh Malaysian Kit-Kats taste diff. i've had one so far so cant really say for sure yet.

My attempt at preparing something other than pasta. :P

2nd batch. had tons of cherry tomatos and cheese and enchilada sauce left. so i figured use it all! :P it tasted not bad too imo.

i like this candle picture. seems DA worthy.

this thing smells freaking awesome! i just love the smell! :D guys, u should totally buy it. k maybe not. i don't want you smelling like me. k girls you should totally buy it for some guy whom i don't know. :D

and a few comics that make me laugh. some of them u need to know the internetz pretty well to get. so if you don't, you can ask, but chances are i won't be able to do the joke any good.

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