Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hey I'm Improving!

eh not bad. out of the recent 10 posts. prob only 2 you wont understand. lol not bad.

i realised this after readings ppls blogs and there was like totally nothing to relate to or understand. all their posts. which lead me to be like, ah forget it, if i cant understand i'm not gonna bother reading. which is prob what ppl do here la if they don't understand.

so yeah. i'm proud that i managed to blog understandable stuff recently. lol. shall try to keep it up.

at the same time, have to kurangkan the perasanness and the conning ppl-ness. i'm like a con addict these days. everything also wanna con. til certain ppl don't bother to listen di. b4 i talk also they walk away. hahahaha. lol so ya. gonna try and con ppl less so they believe me when i'm being serious next time. haha.

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kim said...

con ppl LESS?? what is this man, it should be NOT con ppl AT ALL! :D

Smith said...

how do i like ur posts

Ben J said...

eh kim, bagi betis nak peha all. lol

smith, u can click the how many stars thing.

Kimberly said...

bagi betis nak peha?? WHAT??? does that saying even exist?


Ben J said...

Kim. at this moment. you are officially AWESOME la k. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA :P