Monday, October 12, 2009

I Figured It Out!

so i was talking to Lauren and then i was talking abt how i reply her emails super slow this year. as compared to me being so good at replying last year. relatively. and not only Laurzkena. a lot of other ppl who have emailed me also i haven't replied. sheesh hopeless.


now know why!!

it's cuz of.........


seriously. that's the only thing that changed since last year. now i spend time on FB instead of replying ppls mail. too much. see i knew there was a real good reason i wasn't using FB. nonsense betul.

but right, even though FB has brought some bad to my life, actually a lot of bad, i still don't regret getting it la. :)

so yeah. if i don't reply my mails, blame FB! :P

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