Saturday, October 17, 2009

Arkham Asylum

this game was so frustrating to install. SO FREAKING FRUSTRATING. wanna know why?

k first, i get the iso copy off the hub. then i install, it decides to stop half way. k not even halfway. a quarter of the way, and it doesn't move anymore at all. plus u cant cancel. and if you use autorun to try and install after that, it doesn't work. cuz u don't cancel the game properly. so fine i get the other installer. and that's some unpacker thing. so fine, use that and played. but during the game got some sesat bugs like grapple not working and grappling into total darkness of a bottomless pit where you don't die. mind you, i had to grapple through the walls (somehow) to get into this empty unknown space.

but fine whatever, at least i still get to play the game right? WRONG! 62% through the game, then suddenly it decides to have a major bug where i can't see the stuff i'm supposed to see. so i can't go to the place i'm supposed to go. so irritating man. worked so hard to get there and now can't do anything. i tried so many ways to fix it. reinstalling (about 5 times this round), playing around with the Start Application. finally din know what to do, so i restarted. everything all over again. well i tried. with some things turned off and all. but then i got worse bugs like glide not working. wah stress man.

so fine i said forget it. but i tak puas la. still wanted to play. so since Ka-Mun said his copy of it works. i got it from him. then i tried installing again. SAME PROBLEM! wah stress again la. i mean can work for others why me cannot? :( but i was determined. i went inside the iso folder, and found the setup file, and used that to install since autorun, couldn't work for install. this time i realised that the progress bar got further than the previous one. then i realised, it was skipping the stuff installed the first try and just continuing on with the other stuff. but it still stopped before reaching the end. so i had to Ctrl+Alt+Del to close the setup each time, then start the installer manually again. and each time it got further b4 jamming til it was finally done. this i had to do about 5 times too. so yeah, had to run the setup around 5 times just to properly install it once! fine.

i mean now at least i got a copy which is known to work installed. so i should be able to finally enjoy the game even though i have to start all over again. right? wrong! again. i mean so close this time. all i have to do is crack. and my comp wont let me! what crap?? and u know why?? it's cuz it's saying that the dll file in the crack which i wanna copy is a virus. so it won't let me copy. so fine i find a way to turn off Norton's Auto-protect (which i didn't know how to do til today), and finally i can copy it into the folder. so yeah. okay. then i figure okay since it was copied i can turn auto protect on again and play. what a bad move. as soon as i try and play, the game tries to execute the dll and Norton flags it and removes it str8. so the game says it can't play cuz of an error. so then i have to turn off norton again and keep it off this time, then copy from crack to game folder then only can launch the game. and then finally i got to play the game. albeit from the very start.

SEE! 4 paragraphs of problems just to get one game working properly!! that's just madness! my comp was totally totally against me. stupid thing. but i still love it. :P

so, the actual question is, was it worth all the trouble to install the game?


totally awesome! had a lot of fun playing it and being batman and taking down the baddies. plus the i reckon they had a pretty solid story line too. the graphics were awesome (tho i had to overclock and turn everythnig else off to play on Very High and enjoy the game). and one of the most fun things in the game for me was the Riddler challenges. cuz u actually have to use your brain for some of his riddles. though the maps help find it, i guess it would be more fun without the map. but then again, the whole place was too big i guess to do without a map. hmm.

so yeah. FREAKING GOOD and FUN game. would totally recommend it. Thank You Ka-Mun for recommending it to me. had fun.

but for now, back to studies. i'm glad i finished it b4 monday too. now can concentrate on studies fully. :)

ok gnitezz! :)

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Merlin said...

lol you really shouldn't complain about problems with pirated games.

glo said...

lol. i can totally imagine you ranting about it :) the intonation, pronunciation.

and ya good you finished the game. go study! :P

Anonymous said...

err...where did you get the installer/unpacker in the first place?pls tell me ??? im having the same problem too-installation stops when it reaches quarter.