Friday, August 20, 2010

The More I Think Of...

yeah who am i kidding

WHEN i think of it. it just doesn't add up.

no way that could happen without the want for it to happen.

and no i don't believe it just happened once. it prob went on for quite a while.

and really how does one do that and not think of it's effects.

i realise now u chose to ignore them. cuz it wasn't important as claimed to be.

what i never understood is why lie to me?

u shud have just said that you didn't want, instead of asking me to hope even more.

oh well, i guess i deserved it for being forgiving.

yeah. this is why i can't forgive i guess. still way too pissed off. and nth to resolve.

the only good part is, i'm learning to live with all this. so yeah, i may suffer. but maybe the future will be better.

and cool. HIMYM just taught me smth. i shudn't be keeping stuff from my past.

gotta get rid of them soon. well this hols will do then.

Currently Watching: How I Met Your Mother Season 2 Episode 17

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