Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Cursed Shirt

seriously la. i'm like speechless.

k first of all, understand this. i do not like doing the work that is needed to iron a shirt. it's just a lot of work to me. and i don't like work.

so the master plan is, don't wash a shirt as often so i don't have to iron a shirt that often.

so since i'm here in NZ, that makes not washing the shirt way easier. cuz you def don't sweat so ur shirt won't get dirty. and, those who know me, know i wear a t-shirt inside, so my shirt won't get whatever sweat that may come.

so it's like perfect! shirt not dirty, no need wash, no need to iron. no need to work. settle.

k so why cursed shirt? this is why. i have this shirt. as soon as i iron, the next day confirm have to wash.

the first time, i ironed for the Vegas ball. then that night, got drunk then got puke on the shirt. so fine have to wash. and my fault also.

but today! i tried my best! but still it got dirty right after ironing it last night. and this time not by me! it's like, if i don't screw up, then the universe will find someone else to screw it up for me. shoh.

and it's like, i ironed the shirt damn nice already. like professionally ironed i must say. then feeling all awesome and all wearing it.

then went to subway for lunch. and halfway thru eating, i realised how messy subway is. then i was like crap. i looked down at my shirt and said to myself "k gotta eat careful. don't wanna wash this now do you?"

so i ate carefully, and i finished! then i look down, and no drop on my (still awesomely ironed) shirt! wah i was like damn proud and happy. :D

so was clearing up my stuff going to throw away, then suddenly i felt a drop on my shirt. i look down. and :O:O:O there's a blob of sauce on it. and i'm like HOW IN THE WORLD DID THE SAUCE GET THERE?? i ate finish already!

then i find out, friend next to me dropped it. how in the world it can reach so far and land on my shirt, i have no idea.

HAIH. even when i try my best not to mess up the shirt, it still gets messed up.

now have to wash. and IRON again my shirt.

damn cursed shirt.

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weiwen said...

SORRY LA! Gotta do one whole blog post somemore!

Smith said...

i like

Anonymous said...

Lol, I knew it was going to be Wei Wen!

This post cracks me up. Sorry if i sound like a sadist.

Some things happen because you keep 'thinking' about it. It is call The law of attraction.

You should read the book, 'Secret' by Rhonda Byrne.

Hugz and kisses,
Ray Ray

Ben J said...

lol WW, din say it's you or say it's your fault also. and yes def have to post it. cuz i don't like ironing. haha.

and thx Ray! i shall maybe check the book out. haha.