Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why I Think Kowhaii Is Better Than The Rest

k this was long overdue. but since Mr. anon wants to know to decide his/her future accomodation at UC, why not list it out?

so first, my problems with Hinau:
-fridge too small
-room doesn't have drawers to put stuff in
-you gotta pay 4 bucks a week for laundry
-no light switch near bed so you can tuck urself in and then turn off the lights.
-the closet is like totally open most of the time.
-theres no oven (for those who like to bake or cook food that requires baking
-the heater was a pain to figure out. can only work it illegally.
-the room comes with only 2 hooks to hang clothes.
-further from uni
-small living room
-flat doesn't have doorbell
-no mirror in room

but there's some good also:
-newer than the others.
-bigger bed
-when the heater works, it'll be really hot.
-bathroom and toilet are linked together. so you can do your business, then have a bath! lol
-lifts move way faster than Kowhaii

and i think that's all i can think of.

why i want to move into Kowhaii?
-big fridge
-room has drawers to put stuff in
-free laundry
-light switch near bed so you can tuck urself in and then turn off the lights.
-closed closet
-oven (for those who like to bake or cook food that requires baking)
-think the heater is easy
-i think there's more hooks
-closer to uni
-big living room
-flat has doorbell
-room is big
-there's a mirror in the room

the bads are pretty much the opposites of the goods of Hinau la. but yeah. u get the picture.

well i hope that helped. and anyone else who knows any other reasons for either side, feel free to comment! :)

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kim said...

i don't think you'd need to do laundry every week, so it's more like 4 bucks...a month? heh heh!

btw, what "room has drawers to put stuff in" are you talking abt? i don't remember seeing drawers..except the closet one.

Ben J said...

eh, i need to do every week la. i can't wear the same clothes for 2 days in a row! :O

hahahaha. no la. it's cuz i run out of socks. so have to wash in a week. longer if i don't go out a.k.a don't wear shoes la.

and the 2nd part? u mean kowhaii right? kowhaii got drawers next to the bed la.

DaMan said...

yo, which place would u recommend for me to stay at? am looking for a new place to move into as well..i guess, the most important quality i need is the internet..haha..that is if it comes with the place..if not the internet, door size is important, because i am a thin guy, and it is my form or security, because now my unit cant be robbed by fat ppl..haha..

glo said...


you mind if i chuck this in the new-in-chch blog? :p (


Ben J said...

hmm don't really think it's an unbiased view tho. so dunno if you should. like i think it's just my view, but dunno if everyone else agrees.

glo said...

hehe. that's why we have "disclaimers" as you will see below.

what abt i take out the 'why i want to move to Kowhaii' part and only put the 'good' and 'bad' part ;)

but if you dun feel comfortable with it that's cool. won't put it up then :) though i do think it's a pretty good analysis of the rooms. esp the oven part. hehehe :p

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Ben J said...

haha ok then. sure go ahead la. no probs. :)