Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm The Support Hero

i dunno why, i just prefer to take the role considered as "support hero" role.

in Dota, i prefer to be the guy that helps other ppl get the kill. i guess cuz i'm not good at the game so i prefer to let the pros do the killing.

in futsal, i prefer to be the defender or the passer, not the goal scorer. to me, it doesn't matter, as long as the goal is scored. i guess cuz i know i'm not that good in futsal la.

in playing guitar, i prefer rythym guitar rather than lead, giving melody to the song and supporting the lead. this is prob cuz i'm not good at guitar and i can't solo. so rythym is easier la. plus i guess it's easier to go crazy on rythym la. ;P

so yeah. i'm the support hero. and i like it that way. i don't mind other ppl getting the attention. :)

prob the only time i like taking the spotlight is in COD4. but not like i'm thaaat good at COD4 also. oh the happy thing today is, i was the last guy left in a game of Sabotage, killed 2 ppl. planted the bomb, killed another guy, got my 7 streak kill and won the round for my team. that was pretty awesome. gr8 feeling. esp when playing with online ppl whoa are way more pro.

this is online with 36 players and clan members. considering i got 3rd in my group. that's pretty awesome. :)

but then again. i like playing Sniper. and that's sorta like support hero. lol.

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