Monday, November 09, 2009

For All The Things That Has Happened To Me

honestly, how should i not hate life and those who make it displeasurable for me.

so many fakers, users, jealous ppl, arrogant ppl and the list can go on.

seriously, the rubbish i've been put through, it's amazing. it sucks when u know it's not in your head. and other ppl actually agree that the things that happen in your life sucks and you are not exaggerating.

at this moment, i hate the fakers the most. so irritating. prob it's more irritating when i have to act like i dunno who they really are and what is going on in their mind everytime i see them.

seriously, the one thing i want is for you ppl to come and tell me in my face. so irritating that we have to put on this act each time.

honestly, for all the things that has happened to me, i should be one of the most bitter person that u'll ever meet.

but i see no reason to. :)

i like being happy. :)

so i shall stay happy. :)

bet u din see that coming! :D

see ya!

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