Sunday, November 01, 2009

Facebook Dislike Button

just a short post. for the ppl asking for the dislike button in FB.

think about it, the stuff you add and share on FB are the stuff you like, find cool, find interesting etc.

would you really want someone or in fact anyone disliking ur stuff? at all. i don't think most ppl can handle it.

yeap. that's it that i want you to think about today.

that's all. :)

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Rori said...

THe one thing I'd say to that is often the "dislike" is a joking dislike -- a friend posts they are going to be moving to china. You're sad they are leaving your town for good, so you "dislike" the status.

Though I can see how people would read into it as I dislike that you are going to China and therefore it is a reflection on my feelings for china.

Smith said...

i wanna dislike everythin :)