Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Am So Pampered

i realized how pampered i am in NZ

NZ i use a Quad core CPU. back home, it's a Pentium 4. WHICH IS FREAKING SLOW.

NZ, i have a 22" Flat Screen monitor. back home, it's some small square 17" CRT monitor. which i find really small

NZ, the internet is freaking fast. back home, it's not. at all. like can die speeds.

NZ, it's cold! and nice! back home, it's freaking hot and humid that i will die soon.

ok so fine. i guess i'm pampered in the tech department in NZ.

but back home, i'm actually a pampered kid i guess. so i cant complain. :P

Currently Listening To: Nothing! i really doubt this slow comp is capable of playing songs.

1 comment:

weiwen said...

yo, back already? Internet speeds are not that bad la.. can still download faster than I can watch, so I don't mind