Monday, July 19, 2010

Ask! But What If

i wanna ask for it. but i guess in some way, it's like if u do all you can to get smth, but then what u get isn't as gr8 as what u expected, u still end up kinda disappointed la.

so yeah. think i shall not ask then. and just wait for it. since it's bound to come anyway.

and wow. sat coming soon. can't wait. shud be awesome. i hope i don't screw up and everyone else is up to mark.

and i realise how much i prefer performing as to studying. why can't that be my life. ish.

Currently Listening To: Ride Wit Me - Nelly


Bernard "xiaoqiu" said...

me too... i like performing more than studying... performance stress is better than study stress!

allyz said...

It can be your life,if you want it bad enough. :)