Monday, June 07, 2010

Just Be Normal. Thanks.

yes. it's true. i absolutely can't stand gay guys.

and when i say that, i mean like those ppl who act like bapuks.

it's just waayyy too disturbing and weird for me.

but it's funny, i know ppl who are actually gay, but they don't act like that. and those ppl i'm fine with. i don't support them being gay. but i can tolerate them.

it's those guys who act like girls who just freak and disturb the hell outta me. ppl like Kurt Hummel from Glee. gosh i can't stand that freak.

some guys do it for fun, but i dunno if you notice, but once they start, the more gay they get. and the more it's disturbing to me. and ten bucks says they don't even notice that they're becoming gay-er.

and it's funny how sometimes, ppl don't want you in stuff just cuz u don't act gay enough.

well then. i guess i'm too cool to be gay. and u know what, that's exactly how it's supposed to be. so if you don't want me in your stuff, i'm sure as hell happy to stay away from gayness. :)

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