Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Forgive You

i know i'm supposed to.

and i know i eventually will.

but just maybe it'll be just before i die.

or maybe even i won't.

but for now, i can't. cause once again, you're asking me to give and you're just gonna take.

i refuse to be used.

so if you're not gonna try and make any effort to make things right, and u just plan to sit there and let everything come to you, then screw you. i'm not doing anything.

what you did is unacceptable.

i refuse to forgive it with a fake sorry you don't even mean.

remember, words mean shit.

so seriously, u have come to me with nothing, so i'm gonna leave you with nothing.

go screw yourself. leave me alone. i'm fine this way. :)

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