Thursday, January 08, 2009

Which Would You Chose?

which choice would you make?

to get what's fair? or to get what makes you happy?

well, actually not happy. but sorta happy?

but maybe the fairness will bring happiness?

and the happiness may not last.

but the short happiness? hmm

damn la. why does life have to be so hard?

and all this losing at poker isn't helping at all. babi la.

haih. at times like this, i don't like being home.

it's jus so emo-fying. hmm.

i guess that's why i'm glad for the moments i'm busy here.

don't have to worry abt things if ure busy.

Currently Listening To: Soft Skeletons - Anberlin


Clarisse Teagen said...

Always remember.. how you perceive the world is all inthe mind. You can change your world simply by changing your way of thought :)

and if life was easy... lol. it'd be so freaking boring.

Ben J said...

hey thx! and i guess ure right. it's jus not so easy to change mindsets. haha. wish i cud tho.

and nahh.. life can be easy.. and interesting as well! haha :P

thx for ur comment btw! :)