Friday, January 09, 2009

If You Were Your Own Friend

have you thought abt it? what if you, were ur own friend?

get me? and nooo not like hey i'm already my own friend since i'm myself or smth like that. no no no.

imagine there was someone else in this world, who has the exact same personality as you. and yes i do mean exactly the same. don't give me crap about that's not possible or whatever. i said IMAGINE.

so anyway, what if this person who is exactly the same as u, was your friend. hmm

would you like the way he treated you as a friend? or would you have problems with him?

well, if u wud have problems with him, then well, that means you have problems with you right? hmm.

think abt it.
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Sanjit said...

Seriously thought provoking, well if I were my own friend, I would probably understand why I treat people certain ways, as you said its a mirror image of you, but then again sometimes u might realize that how you are treating ppl isn't so nice when ur on the receiving end instead =S

DANA! said...

FINALLY someone blogged about this topic! I've always thought of it. wondered how is it being my friend. i wouldn't mind, really, to like replicate and be my own friend for a day. or put myself into someone else's shoes. i'm pretty sure i'll like ME =P

Ben J said...

yeah Jit. i'd have a feeling that i may mostly like me. cept the few parts la. that's why i think abt these kinda stuff. so i can sorta improve myself. :)

and Dana, why am i not surprised if you wud love urself. haha! but then again u may not also. well this is one thing we wud nvr know i guess. haha.

Zhen Lim said...

Ohmy. What a thought.
Would I be my own friend?
I think I would, but I wouldn't be very close with myself. Because I wouldn't spend enough time with myself.
That make sense?
Hmm, definitely need to think further.