Friday, December 26, 2008

Youth Camp

okayyyy. so yes there's been a lack of updates. well, surprisingly enough, i've actually been busy the few weeks i've been home, day AND night as well. like really busy with stuff. tho i've had time to come online, no time to blog. and currently since it's the day after Christmas and it's in the morning i'm kinda relaxed now (for now la. from afternoon onwards busy til night di. haha), so i thought might as well blog.

so first off youth camp. k i dun really feel like talking abt all the stuff that went on in camp la. it's kinda boring for me to do so and i'm kinda hoping someone else wud do it. haha. but to me, i really enjoyed this camp. like a lot. and like the whole time there i was trying to figure out why. then when i came back, Uncle Ravi sorta pointed it out. u know why i enjoyed myself? simply because i didn't have any responsibilities. yeah. that was the simple reason.

i wasn't part of the committee, i wasn't a group leader, i wasn't in charge of the room and i wasn't in charge of my sis also (but she's grown up and can take care of herself anyway. haha) but yea la. i had nth to worry abt. and that's like the way i liked it i guess. it's jus peaceful u know, like not worrying abt anything can go and lepak and do stuff u want during free time. the only thing i was bound to was worship practices and stuff. which was kinda bad cuz it ate up my free time and also my meal times. but yeah. still i was FREE! i was finally a camper relaxing and enjoying. it sorta reminded me of 2004 YC where i didn't have anything either and cud relax as well. well that time not fully relax la since i had other stuff and worship prac as well. but yea. smth like that.

other than the relax times i also got to meet new seriously damn cool ppl. ppl like Jervis, Sai, Joyce, Alisha. seriously cool stuff. and got to know ppl better too. and my team was like Cekap la! Ju-Hann was the leader of Intersection. and we almost won. and actually cud've won if any of us decided to hand in our book. but that's the thing u know, even if we didn't win, it didn't seem to matter, i still had fun with my team and doin all the stuffs with my team and all. it's no doubt la that my team was the best even if we didn't win. i love my team man. prob another reason why i enjoyed YC.

this feels like a commentary for some reason. ish. anyway, camp was cool also cuz i managed to lepak with the ppl i dun normally lepak with. like all u know la, not my gang sorta ppl. i even sat with Euodia and Mel at that emo bench and jus lepak and talked that one night. it was cool. plus both of them are damn funny and can really make u laugh. and also got other ppl as well la, can't really remember who and stuff but yeah la. i liked YC cuz of the lepaking with others and all.

yeah. that's abt it that i wanna say la. i seriously enjoyed myself. it's definitely the ppl la. and the stuff we did. :) oh and my angel was damn cool. he said he nvr gave me anything cuz he didn't have the time, but i got three things "from him". haha! cekap la. haha.

oh and the camp site was super nice and cekap also. shud go again next year. unfortunately i dun have any photos yet since luke has to stll edit some photos and Euodia can't find her usb cable and dunno what else. but anyway, some are up on FB. so check it out there. :)

sry Jo if there's not much explanation abt the camp. jus felt like talking abt me and camp. haha.

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cal said...

haha, im sure u enjoyed d music practices very much too.. :)

no responsibility + music = SYOKk. =p